The Dave Covers Spreads Blog: Don't Fear Brooklyn, Why not Embiid? MLB opening day and FREE Masters bet!

The Dave Covers Spreads Blog: Don't Fear Brooklyn, Why not Embiid? MLB opening day and FREE Masters bet!

NBA - No One is Scared of Brooklyn, Plus Why Not Embiid?

About a week ago it seemed like all the top teams in Eastern Conference were strategically moving around in the standings to avoid playing the Nets in the first round. I was chatting to some people on Twitter and Instagram (btw, follow me on Twitter here) and I really believe that the Nets just aren’t as scary as they seemed a week or two ago. They have literally zero defence, anyone could put 120 on them easily, as crazy as it sounds they genuinely need Ben Simmons. There has been no concrete reports on whether Ben will back this season at all, and besides do you really trust someone who hasn’t played basketball all year in a playoff series? Here are the Nets last 5 games: 


  • WIN vs Houston (118-105)
  • LOSS at Atlanta (122-115)
  • LOSS vs Milwaukee (120-119)
  • WIN vs Detroit (130-123)
  • LOSS vs Charlotte (119-110)


To be honest, for me the Nets just aren’t as scary and I can totally see any of the top teams in the East knocking them out of the playoffs. 

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Moreover, on the NBA front, what happened to Joel Embiid in the race for MVP? Lately everyone is just discounting him. He even came out and said “it feels like they hate me.” I am writing this following his dominate performance of the Pacers, where he dropped 45 PTS, 13 REB on 60, 70, 66 percentage splits. After tonights game he has moved himself into first for the scoring title, and it will most likely stay that way. Also, Harden isn’t helping his MVP case. This was supposed to be one of the “big trades”. The two have played together for just 16 games, in those 16 games Harden has shot under 40% in 9 of them! He is also shooting below 30% from three since going to Philly. People talk about Jokic’s supporting cast, but they Embiid has dealt with his fair share of adversity. He has handled all this drama sounding Simmons and managed to carry the team this whole year, he is still doing it now even with Harden (because he is playing terrible). I don’t know, I just think it is crazy that people are just dismissing Embiid now. He still has my vote! I would love to know what you all think, tweet me with your MVP predictions (@davecovers) 

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MLB - Rule Changes, Trades and Opening Day.

First thing is first, MLB Opening Day is scheduled for 7th April and I could not be more excited. I am really more of a NBA fan than anything else but I also have a deep love for NFL and the MLB. Last year we saw a huge profit on the MLB hitting over 74% of our bets for the season!

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The offseason has been incredible for baseball (besides the lockout drama). Here are some my favourite moves from this offseason: 


  1. Freddie Freeman to the Los Angeles Dodgers

This one should be no surprise. The MVP first-basemen signed a six-year $162 million dollar    contract with the Dodgers. This lineup is already scary, now even more so. I think the loss of Scherzer and some key bullpen pitchers hurts this team more than people realise. Still plenty of time to make moves but this team will be right in the running once again. After all, they are spending to do so! 


2. Max Scherzer to the New York Mets

This was one of the biggest surprises of the offseason for me. Scherzer signed for the 3-year max deal getting him a whopping $130 million! Baseball is insane! This is a lot of money, but for the three-time Cy Young winner it is worth it. The biggest question for the Mets is the health of Jacob DeGrom, who is already missing the first two months of the season. DeGrom is one of my favourite pitchers, but he just cannot stay on the mound at the moment. Until he can play constantly, the Mets are winning anything. 


3. Robbie Ray to the Seattle Mariners 

The Mariners postseason drought is not something to be proud of, but they have definitely put themselves on the map this offseason signing Robbie Ray to a five-year $115 million dollar contract. That’s something to look forward to Mariner fans! 


If you haven’t been following the MLB post lockout, there have been some pretty decent rule changes. First, the universal designated hitter. This one is overdue and a really good thing to finally see happening. Next, the playoffs will now feature 12 teams. All six division winners will earn playoff berths, whilst the two best records will get a first round bye. Overall, even with the drama this offseason I am glad baseball is back and I am very excited for opening day. We are going to have another great betting season! 


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FREE PICK - Its Masters Time! 

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The Masters is one of the best sporting events hands down. If you haven’t watched it, even if you aren’t a big golf fan, go watch it. Anyway, the GOAT Tiger Woods is back and as of the time of writing planning to compete in the Masters. The books have moved the money to plus odds for Tiger to make the cut and I am all over that. He might not win, but we are getting plus odds for Tiger Woods to make the cut! Take it. 


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I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks blog, I plan on doing these once a week to start (each Wednesday) where I go around sharing my thoughts and opinions on some of the hottest topics in sports. If you enjoyed reading this or have any comments or opinions feel free to reach out to me on  Instagram and Twitter. 


Thanks for reading, Dave Covers Spreads. 

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