The Dave Covers Spreads Blog: Can Miami Win it All? Brooklyn Getting Swept? Jacob DeGrom Updates and Formula 1 Free Picks

The Dave Covers Spreads Blog: Can Miami Win it All? Brooklyn Getting Swept? Jacob DeGrom Updates and Formula 1 Free Picks

Special bonus blog post today, we are taking a look at the NBA, can Miami win it all, Brooklyn going to get swept? And Jokic getting pulled for defensive possessions. As well as Jacob DeGrom updates and Formula 1 free pick results! 


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Written: Sunday 24 April 2022          Read Time: 7 Min


Miami Heat Take a 3-1 lead on the Atlanta Hawks

I read a lot of NBA news and analysis, and I believe no one is taking the Miami Heat seriously. I am writing this directly after watching game 4 of the series where Miami completely dismantled the Hawks winning in a blow-out 110-86. The thing that makes Miami special is their defense, I mean that’s pretty evident in the 4 games so far the Hawks have scored: 86, 111, 105, 91. This is meant to be a purely “offensive” team that could blow anyone out! The Heat are constantly switching and making Trae Young’s life absolutely miserable, he looks constantly frustrated in these games and before this we have seen him find a way and battle out, in this series he can’t.

I will be honest, I am not the biggest Trae fan, I just don’t love watching him play basketball, but he is talented and special. He was fourth on the season (regular) in scoring and third in assists, he is lethal the problem here is, the Hawks have no defense that can cover for him on that end of the floor and no secondary playmaker that he believes in. Let me get into that comment a little more. If you compare someone like Steph Curry and Trae Young, what makes them different? It is their movement without the ball, you watch a Warriors game and Steph is constantly moving around confusing defences, Trae without the ball needs to move more. This could be a trust factor, but It is just too hard to ask him to do everything, especially against a team like the Heat. I bet on the Heat in this game, and I went big on it, the Heat are winning this series, the fact they were only 2.5 point favourites in game 4 was hilarious and something our team had to jump all over. 


Brooklyn on the Verge of Being Swept

This story is pure evidence of how defense wins games, especially in the playoffs. I am writing this as someone who bet on the Brooklyn Nets to win game 3, I mean can you blame me? There are so many questions here; Kevin Durant cannot continue to shoot this bad, right? The Nets bench has to hit some shots, right? The Celtics cannot contain all this offensive fire power for 3 games straight, right? Well the answer to all those questions is this, the Celtics are really good, I mean really, really good. They could seriously win it all, they are no joke and the East round 2 matchups and East-Finals are going to the best they have been in a long, long time. 

Part of me saw this coming deep down, I mean its not like the Brooklyn Nets have been good all year. Yes I understand they had injuries, yes I understand that they had drama but they still were in the play in. A big reason I thought the Nets would win game 3 is Kevin Durant. He is probably the best scoring forward of all time, but just look at what this Celtics defense is doing to him: 


Game 1: LOSS 115-114 

Kevin Durant: 41 Minutes, 23 Points (9-24 FG) (1-5 3PT), 4 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 6 Turnovers

(Game ends with a Tatum layup - which was a defensive breakdown by Durant) 

Game 2: LOSS 114-107

Kevin Durant: 42 Minutes, 27 Points (4-17 FG) (1-2 3PT), 4 Rebounds, 5 Assists, 6 Turnovers

Game 3: LOSS 109-103

Kevin Durant: 46 Minutes, 16 Points (6-11 FG) (2-3 3PT), 8 Rebounds, 8 Assists, 5 Turnovers


It is not doubt some of Durants struggles are related to his teammates. Kyrie had a great game 1 but has struggled since, and they just have no size. Without Simmons, who is now ruled out for game 4 also, Durant is forced to guard Tatum which means he is constantly working on both ends of the floor. They are just too small, there were times they were playing Kyrie, Dragic and Mills at the same time. 

Im not sure what the answer is for the Brooklyn Nets, they are definitely going to lose this series (which we bet and released to our clients before the series started). They need defence and size and they need to figure out this Ben Simmons factor. Enough about the Nets struggles, the Celtics are legit! They are lethal on both ends of the floor and they can really take on anyone. I released my bracket before the playoffs started and I have them taking care of the Bucks, now likely no Middleton, guess what. The Celtics are winning that series in 5 or 6 games. 



Nuggets Avoid the Sweep 

There isn’t much to say about this series. Curry is looking better, Poole is the greatest NBA player ever and Draymond Green is the best defender in the NBA. I just want to quickly touch on the fact that the Nuggets pulled Jokic off the floor for a defensive possession. People are still out there saying the gap between Embiid and Jokic on the defensive end is not that big, blasphemy! Jokic is most likely going to win the MVP, people value stats way too much. Embiid deserves that award, its a shame. Also, he got ejected from the game the other day, I hate that from a superstar. Hes a great player don’t get me wrong, just needed to get this out there. That being said, Warriors in 5. 


Jacob DeGrom Could Be Starting Mid May 



Mets manager Buck Showalter stated that DeGrom underwent a CT scan Friday and is now due for a MRI Monday to check his recovering progression (shoulder). DeGrom is just over three weeks into a four-week shutdown period after he was diagnosed with a stress reaction of his right scapula April 1, so he could be cleared to begin a throwing program within the next few days if the MRI reveals that he's made good progress in his recovery. Even if the MRI yields good news, DeGrom will likely need at least three weeks to get his arm conditioned for a starter's workload, so he's unlikely to make his 2022 debut until the second half of May, at the earliest.


Formula 1: Imola Grand Prix, Verstappen Back on Top


 I released a short breakdown for the Iola Grand Prix on Friday where I also gave out some free predictions and plays. To end the blog I just wanted to go over our results! 


  1. Fastest Lap: Charles Leclerc or Max Verstappen 
  2. Lando Norris Top 6 Finish 
  3. Max Verstappen To Win



Fastest Lap: Leclerc or Verstappen


Lando Norris Top 6 Finish


Max Verstappen to Win



Not a bad result for our first released formula 1 plays. Would you like more formula 1 free picks? Let me know on my instagram! 


I hope you enjoyed reading the Dave Covers Spreads Blog, I plan on doing these often where I go around sharing my thoughts and opinions on some of the hottest topics in sports. If you enjoyed reading this or have any comments or opinions feel free to reach out to me on  Instagram and Twitter. 

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