The Dave Covers Spreads Blog: Boston vs Milwaukee Game 3 Reaction

The Dave Covers Spreads Blog: Boston vs Milwaukee Game 3 Reaction

The Boston Celtics fell just short against the Bucks in game 3, but what are the biggest takeaways? 

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Written: Saturday 7 May 2022          Read Time: 3 Min

One of my favourite things to do after a big NBA game is head over to Twitter and Instagram to read the comments on the results post. Once you get through the bots, seeing other peoples opinions is hilarious. If you do this after the Celtics vs Bucks game you will see majority of comments are along the lines of “Refs vs Celtics”. 


In this case, I actually agree. If you didn’t watch the game and just look at the box score you probably have a different opinion. Boston shot 34 free-throws compared to the Bucks 17, but honestly the officiating was terrible. The Milwaukee bucks are literally playing football out their on some positions and the refs aren’t calling anything. I understand Giannis is bigger and stronger than everyone, but there was one position where even the commentators were blown away. Grant Williams had a strong position and Giannis just shoved him with his forearm in the chest 3 times until he fell over, I’m sorry but that’s not basketball! Some chargers were called others weren’t there was just no consistency. Portis came over the top of Williams for a rebound, elbowed him in the face and guess what, no call. 

By the way, I am not just saying this because I bet on Boston, I took Boston with the points (which won)! 


Besides the officiating, this was a great game. Giannis proved once again why he is the best player in the world. Yes, I think he should’ve been called for more offensive fouls but some of the shots he made were just incredible, he finished with 42 Points, 12 Rebounds and 8 Assists. What is crazy is that between Giannis and Jrue they scored 67 of the Bucks 103 points. HOWEVER, they took 60 shots between them! 60! The Celtics defence was once again incredible in this game, despite the fact Giannis had 42. 


On the Boston side, Tatum struggled all night long. He finished just 4/19 from the field and 0/6 from 3. Even with his poor night, the Celtics managed to overcome a 14 point defect and take the lead.This was a game that Milwaukee was supposed to win, but if you were to ask me who wins the series, I am still going with Boston. I think they should’ve won this game and I put huge value in a game 7 at home. I took Boston before the series and I am sticking with that pick. 



Game Highlights: 


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