Imola Grand Prix: Ferrai vs Red Bull

Imola Grand Prix: Ferrai vs Red Bull

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Charles Leclerc is dominating early in the Formula one season, currently sitting with 71 points on 2 Wins. This has him as the favourite to take out the Imola Grand Pix. Here is a breakdown of the favourites, plus is there any value betting in podium and top six finishes?   

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 Dave Covers Spreads

Written: Monday 18 April 2022                       Read Time: 5 Min


Fresh off a win at the Australian Grand Prix, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc will look to get his third win in just four races for the season. The track is still new to the circuit only debuting in 202 where Lewis Hamilton took first place. Last year Max Verstappen to the win. Let’s go over the betting favourites and make a case for each one.

Charles Leclerc (+120)

I think what is so amazing for Leclerc is the fact that he only made one podium in all of 2021 and failed to win a single race. This season is a completely different story. He finished first in the Australian GP and Bahrain GP whilst snagging second in the Saudi Arabian GP. He is performing at such a high level hence the low odds to win the race. 


Max Verstappen (+165)

Verstappen hasn’t had the best start tot the season but that’s not to say he shouldn’t be considered to win the Imola GP. He was forced to retire in the Australian GP due to a fuel leak on lap 38. I am tossing his issues this season to fate and I cannot see it continuing to happen. Verstappen will have no interest in letting Leclerc get further ahead with the points and I am backing the serious competitor in Verstappen to at least get on the podium. He is arguably the best driver in Formula One and you should consider playing him to win it all in Imola. 


Carlos Sainz (+850)

Ferrari has done a great job of rejuvenating their Formula One team with Lecrlec and Sainz sitting in 1st and 3rd. Sainz has finished on the podium twice already this year. He is worth consideration in this event, especially the way the Ferrari cars are looking you can expect him to be a top 5 finisher. 



Who Should you Bet?

If you like betting outright winners, I recommend taking Max Verstappen at +165. He is in need of some good points and simply won’t continue to have the bad luck that he’s faced so far. Looking at the other markets we can find some good plays with okay value. When I say ‘okay value’ I mean it. These plays are only recommended if you are confident enough to lay some value. 



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