Betting: My 2022 NBA Playoff Bracket

Betting: My 2022 NBA Playoff Bracket

The NBA playoffs are here! You have no idea how excited I am, this is the time in the NBA season where my plays hit at a ridiculous rate. This years playoffs look to be one the best playoffs we’ve had in years. Don’t get me wrong we have had some good series and great finals but the overall talent in the NBA just keeps rising and this in result makes the playoffs even more exciting. 


In this blog I am going to present you with my complete bracket, why I have made certain decisions and my final prediction for the NBA Finals as well as a bonus play for Finals MVP. 


My Bracket:

Finals Prediction: Phoenix Suns over Miami Heat [4-2]


Everyone and their Dog are picking Phoenix to win the NBA finals and for good reason. They are basically unstoppable. Devin Booker will finish in the top 5 for MVP voting and Chris Paul is the best traditional point guard in the league. I gave out a free NBA future play a few weeks back outlining why I think the Suns will win the west. Here is a cut out from that blog: 


“The Suns are 32-6 in “close game situations” with a net rating of 32.8 (more than double 2nd place). Their offensive rating is 1st at 131.3 and their defensive rating is second at 98.5. In other words, it gets tight? The Phoenix Suns completely take over.”


And that is still the case. I also exaplained that teams who win 66+ games go on to win the NBA finals at 70% rate, now whilst they didn’t quite get to 66+ wins they still have a high chance of continuing their momentum from the regular season. (Read my Suns to Win the West Blog Here)


You might be thinking, Miami over Milwaukee? Really? Yes really! Giannis is the best player in the world, there is no doubt about that. His incredible physique and athleticism paired with his mindset make him pretty much unstoppable. The issue I have with Milwaukee is the rest of the team. I know they won the championship last year but the level of completion has improved. Now they wont get to face Atlanta in the Eastern Conference finals they will have to face Miami. As you have seen in my bracket prediction I think a series between Miami and Brooklyn will be TOUGH and absolutely entertaining! Overall I am backing the Heats defense to get it done. They have so many guys they can go to on a game to game basis to go get buckets!


That’s my bracket, Do you agree?

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