2022 NBA MVP Prediction & Best Bet: The Chef Keeps Cooking

2022 NBA MVP Prediction & Best Bet: The Chef Keeps Cooking

The Chef Keeps Cooking

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We are only just approaching the quarter mark of the 2021-2022 NBA Season; can we really be talking MVP already? Stephen Curry is having a remarkable season, but he’s not alone. Let’s break down my MPV favourite before giving out my free best bet for MVP.

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Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)


Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets)


Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks)


Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets)


Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks)


Current NBA MVP Favourites (As of 5 December 2021)

Steph Curry: 2016 v 2021

This season so far for Golden State guard Steph Curry is nothing short of spectacular. There is a good reason he is the current frontrunner for MVP. As of writing this the Golden State Warriors are sitting tied 1st in the Western Conference (best record in the NBA), and a big reason for this is Steph’s current form. The team is leading the NBA in 3-point FGs per game (15.3), steals (9.9), effective field goal% (56.4) and defensive rating (100.2). All of this with superstar Klay Thompson still yet to return from injury. So what makes this year’s Golden State Warriors different to the 2016 Warriors, where Steph was awarded unanimous MVP?

Stats (Per Game)

2016 (Unanimous MVP)





Field Goals Attempted



Field Goals Made



3-Point Field Goals Made









Statistics based off 5 December 2021


Straight away we can see that 2016 Steph was better in the categories of points, FGM, Rebounds & Assists. What is interesting about this though, is the absence of Klay. Without his splash bro, Steph has been under more pressure from the opposing defences then ever before, receiving all the attention, and yet he is still shooting 41% from 3 and putting up 27.6 PPG.

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The MVP award is not given to the best player, every year

We all know this concept of ‘narrative’ is a huge part of who is awarded the MVP award each year. What is interesting here is, does the anyone have a better narrative than Steph? The Warriors barely scraped into the play in game last year, and now, before even having Klay back he has led them to first place in the Western Conference. This is how I see Steph winning MVP. The statistics are good at the level they are, he doesn’t need to shoot or score more to win MVP, but if the Warriors continue to play well together, continue to dominate their opponents and finish either 1st or 2nd in the Western Conference, Steph’s narrative of rejuvenation will dominate the media.


My Best Bet:

I think it is obvious who I am backing for MVP at this point in the season. It is crazy to say the award is locked up so early, but unless some sort of major injury occurs to Steph, I am confident that he really does have this award in his grasp. Back Curry to get his 3rd MVP for his career with confidence.

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