Lesson 1: The Value of Live Betting the NBA

Lesson 1: The Value of Live Betting the NBA

Welcome to the very first blog in my new series "Lessons with a Pro Sports Bettor," I am not sure if I love that title so if you have a better idea please let me know. Speaking of letting me know, this blog will also have a comment section, so you can comment on each lesson! Otherwise feel free to contact me anytime for a chat or advice on my social: 

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Lesson 1: The Value of Live Betting the NBA

The purpose of this blog is to simply share with the world the lessons I learn, everyday, from betting on sports. These lessons are not planned, and are not in a a specific order, they are just what I wish to talk about on any given day. Today I wanted to discuss live betting and how you can identify good live betting opportunities in the NBA. 


I gave away a free live pick on my Twitter earlier today


And I am sure some people completely disagreed with me. The Lakers were getting destroyed by the Mavericks, by 27 at one point. So what made me put my money on the Lakers live? Here is my advice: Watch

Let me guess you are thinking "wow thanks so much, glad I am reading this," just wait let me explain! The key to live betting is watching. You have to be watching the game, the players body language, the stats and the crowd. In this case, the Lakers were losing, and losing badly, but they were only 4.5 point underdogs heading into this game. They also started 1/18 from 3 whilst the Mavericks were shooting over 50% from behind the arc. The key point in this is that both those stats likely won't last. Shooting percentages often even out to normal over the course of an entire game. Combine this with the energy the Lakers had going into the half, the momentum was entirely on their side. 

Besides watching the game and understanding where the game is going, it is important to understand the teams prior to the game, this way you can go into a game looking for a live betting opportunity. For example, in the Super Bowl just gone, the Eagles scored a touchdown on nearly every first drive this season, so you can make the assumption that they will again score a touchdown quickly in the Super Bowl. For me, I liked the Chiefs and knew I could grab them at a better number if the Eagles went up 7-0, which they did and I managed to get the chiefs at +200 or so, (when they were +100 at kick off). 

Raheem Palmer explains this concept really well on the Ryen Russillo Podcast in this episode: click here


So there you have it! Got any questions leave them below, or message me on the socials, I am free always! 


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